'ADARA' to Make SDN Solutions Available for SMBs
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'ADARA' to Make SDN Solutions Available for SMBs

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Profit and reduced cost are some of the key factors driving all small and medium businesses; thus they are always inclined towards methods like Software Defined Networking. SDN is now not only limited to elite enterprises, even SMBs  gets the benefits of this very computer networking approach.

ADARA, a technology, product development, and consulting firm in the recent Open Networking Summit has exhibited the company’s AXIS Switch platform and discussed how their SDN solutions address the needs of their SMB customers.

“ADARA's AXIS is a breakthrough switch and SDN system with no equal in the marketplace. It delivers the lowest latency, fastest production forwarding, highest VLAN scalability, greatest energy efficiency, and most feature-rich and port-dense switch on the market," says Eric Johnson, Chairman and CEO of ADARA Networks.

AXIS switch platform is designed with an integrated effort from ADARA, Interface Masters, and Broadcom. ADARA provides SDN software to the switch; while Broadcom and Interface Masters contribute OpenFlow 1.3 compliance and modular port bundle respectively. "The combined solution delivers an industry best system in architecture, in features and in value-added capabilities," says Ben Askarinam, CEO of Interface Masters Technologies.

The ADARA AXIS Switch is based on an advanced solid state architecture. It underlines ADARA's industry end-to end SDN software, OPEX tunable choreography and orchestration, SDN controllers, hypervisor controllers, cloud controllers and network services virtualization stack which replaces nearly every middleware box.

 In an interview to Jude Chao from Enterprise Networking Planet, ADARA’s CFO Lillian Withrow stated that the company’s "profit-based policy generation" feature allows them to take care of their network resources in a profitable manner by  automating traffic prioritization based on the profitability of transactions.   

Moreover, this ADARA platform monitors Service Level Agreement and provides cost trend graph which clearly shows inadequacies which need to be sort out, so that the administrators can make the adjustments accordingly.