Add-on PowerSocial Brings Twitter And Linkedin Messages Within Dynamics CRM

By CIOReview | Friday, May 16, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: A new social media add-on PowerSocial, for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been released by PowerObjects, provider of service, support, education for Microsoft. This marketing tool provides users with the ability to monitor and post social messages directly within Dynamics CRM.

“PowerSocial is an excellent tool for those users who are invested in social media marketing strategies and want to see that value tied into CRM,” says Jeff Wedren, Marketing Director at PowerObjects. “It offers a way for CRM users to not only to use social media as part of a Dynamics CRM marketing campaign, but also proactively monitor and respond to social media trends.”

The add-on currently supports Twitter and LinkedIn. After PowerSocial is installed, users can created “Publishers” that can then be used to post to Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. With this tool, users can schedule messages ahead of time, as well as require approval before posts go live. The social monitor also allows users to monitor other Twitter users, hashtags, and groups, as well as LinkedIn profiles, company pages, and groups.

PowerSocial comes with a security role that determines what type of access different users have to the add-on’s functionality. Administrators use this security role to determine who has access to PowerSocial, who can see messages posted in CRM, who can compose messages, and who can approve and post messages.

Users will have the option to sync PowerSocial with Bitly—a URL shortening and bookmarking service— to easily shorten links in social posts. This feature also allows users to view valuable Bitly click statistics within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“Perhaps the most valuable part of this social media add-on is the ability to turn incoming social messages into contacts or leads in your CRM system,” says Wedren. “PowerSocial takes an increasingly important medium of communication and makes it easy to convert those social conversations into real opportunities in Dynamics CRM.”

PowerSocial is one of eighteen add-ons that PowerObjects has developed to enhance Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality. Those interested can download a free 30-day trial of PowerSocial from the PowerObjects website.