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Addressing the intricacies of Data Management on Cloud

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Cloud technology’s rich history in offering highly efficient and scalable data storage solutions, has allured businesses of all sizes. However, it would be imprudent to trust it blindly.

There are a few significant challenges related to cloud storage- cloud lock-in and management complexity.

Cloud Lock-In

Cloud Lock-in: Any cloud-based system that lacks the ability to transfer data from one cloud storage facility to other is called Cloud Lock-in. Most of the organizations today end up buying multiple storage systems for the smooth running of operations. Siloed storage systems use their own protocols, resulting in less compatibility, and therefore create a lock-in.

Management Complexity

The other challenge is the inability to properly manage available storage environments. This leads to increased data breaches and data security which demands extended control over the several storage environments available.

Below are few solutions that will help businesses address the above challenges.

Using Gateway devices

It acts as a messenger enabling users to transfer the data from on-premise storage to the cloud storage seamlessly. By leveraging the gateway device, enterprises can decrease the cost and workload management.

Hybrid Cloud

It is a way by which the cloud storage acts as an extension to on-premise data storage. The data on the local system is uploaded to cloud storage using the same software thereby creating two copies of it.

Multicolored Controller

It enables users to view all the mission-critical information in one single location. The controller while ensuring flexibility and accessibility of data also simplifies the transfer of data between on-premise and cloud storage. It also enables users to search for the specific data in the storage.