ADLINK Technology Acquires PrismTech with an Eye on IIoT Market

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 15, 2015

FREMONT, CA: ADLINK Technology, an application-ready intelligent platforms provider, announces the acquisition of PrismTech – a global leader in software platforms for distributed systems. The synergetic acquisition will strengthen ADLINK’s application-ready intelligent platform business, its software and system capabilities and its industrial IoT market reach at the same time enabling PrismTech to operate as semi-autonomous business unit.

PrismTech is a global leader in software platforms and tools for the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet and advanced wireless communications in various market sectors such as industrial automation, smart cities, energy, transportation, healthcare, aerospace, defense, IT and networks. Its Vortex intelligent data-connectivity platform provides efficient, secure and interoperable internet scale real-time data-sharing, enabling systems to have reliably and securely deliver high volumes of real-time data with stringent end-to-end qualities-of-service.  The recently announced Vortex 2.0 platform enables Internet-scale seamless and secure data-connectivity across embedded, web, mobile and enterprise systems, and provides best-in-class support for Fog and Cloud computing architectures.

ADLINK Technology enables IoT with innovative embedded computing solutions for edge devices, intelligent gateways and cloud services. Its products such as motherboards, blades, chassis, modules, smart touch computers, displays, handhelds and many more are application-ready for industrial automation, communications, medical, and defense, transportation, and infotainment industries.

This acquisition provides ADLINK with the software and systems technologies, skills and experience to fully exploit the large and fast-emerging opportunity for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) products and services. Both companies have a strong record and culture of serving markets that require high-performance, robust and embedded products.  The two company’s product and technology synergies are apparent in PrismTech's software leadership and ADLINK’s hardware expertise and competitiveness.  In addressing the IIoT opportunity the combination of both companies’ strengths offers a tremendous synergy in combining software and hardware into system-level solutions embracing the edge, mobile, network and data centre.

"Adding horizontal IoT stack expertise to ADLINK's portfolio creates a unique opportunity to fully leverage the Vortex software and build competitive platforms for the IIoT - it can be expected for those to emerge later in 2016," stated Jim Liu, CEO of ADLINK.  "Furthermore, the synergy of this acquisition will allow PrismTech to extend its reach and compete on a global basis with the current Vortex product and new developments.  The complementary products of ADLINK and PrismTech with software and hardware provide all the building blocks for the next stage in IIoT development, addressing the issues of increasing complexity and mission critical operational and management data."