Adobe Is Set To Celebrate Omnichannel Success With Its New Retail Technology
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Adobe Is Set To Celebrate Omnichannel Success With Its New Retail Technology

By CIOReview | Friday, April 29, 2022

For the last two years, Adobe's Electronic Overall economy Index has monitored how the pandemic increased online spending and prompted shoppers to adopt new behaviors such as curbside pickup and new payment methods.

FREMONT, CA: Adobe's Digital Economy Index has been tracking how the pandemic sparked online buying and prompted customers to adopt new behaviors such as curbside pickup and new payment methods over the last two years.

As a result, the software giant determined that its retail customers want new tools that cater to a more digitally savvy and demanding consumer while still providing a consistent experience online and in real stores. The technologies demonstrate that even e-commerce and online content giant like Adobe believes that physical stores will continue to play a critical role in the future of retail.

To remain relevant, merchants must provide a unified experience across the digital and physical worlds.

Adobe strategically scheduled the announcement of its new technology releases to coincide with this week's National Retail Federation Convention and trade exhibition. The new capabilities are meant to simplify notifying in-store and online shoppers, enable businesses to accept new payment methods, and improve the efficiency of curbside collection and in-store fulfillment.

One of the enhanced capabilities stems from Adobe's July announcement of a relationship with Walmart. Adobe customers will be able to use technology developed by Walmart to manage their pickup-in-store and curbside orders as beta—or trial—participants.

The collaboration demonstrates how merchants like Walmart are beginning to license their technology as a potential new cash stream.

Store Fulfillment for Adobe Commerce, powered by Walmart Commerce Technologies, enables users to leverage Walmart's expertise in streamlining in-store fulfillment for both employees and customers.

Retailers can sign up for the beta program and become early adopters of this innovative technology. For instance, Walmart's technology enables businesses to "boost" their in-store fulfillment capabilities. Walmart's technology features a sophisticated interface for store Paymentemployees that has significantly increased delivery accuracy and lowered curbside delivery times.

During their most recent investor call, Adobe executives highlighted Adobe Experience Cloud, its e-commerce analytics and customer management platform, as a critical growth area.

Businesses' requirements for the content to engage customers across all touchpoints are increasing. Adobe Experience Cloud's total addressable market will reach $110 billion in 2024. Whether B2B or B2C, businesses of all sizes are investing in customer experience management. Customers have understood that digital capabilities make life easier, simpler, and faster and have learned to expect this from retailers.

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