Adobe Launches Mobile App For Its Analytics Platform
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Adobe Launches Mobile App For Its Analytics Platform

By CIOReview | Monday, June 21, 2021

Adobe is introducing a mobile app for Adobe Analytics to give a new way for senior leaders to experience the product.

Users will be given a "real-time pulse" on what is happening in their business, with an ability to self-service.

The app will deliver a comprehensive view of customer journeys, from web and mobile, to in-store signals and call centers.

With the help of Adobe Analytics mobile app, analysts and data scientists can curate specific experiences with pre-built "scorecards."

Executives can then get real-time access to standard metrics such as web traffic, revenue, or cart abandons.

Analysts can also create more resilient scorecards that blend different channels together to provide a deeper view into the overall customer journey.

Users of the mobile app will be capable of drilling into any of the metrics contained within each scorecard and understand the context behind the numbers.

The charts and graphs that the analyst team pulls together are interactive and can be closely inspected, with simple configurations enabling users to see how trends fared over specific periods of time.

pecific periods of time. In addition, AI-powered features via Adobe Sensei, such as anomaly detection, are automatically applied to data in the app.

Users can be alerted when there are unexpected spikes or dips in metrics that the business cares about.

Addressing the new product, Adobe's director of product management John Bates said,

"There is a common problem that exists in all organizations; Whether it is a large global brand, a specialty retailer, or a government agency, teams are struggling to equip senior leaders with useful data. With limited analyst resources, ad hoc requests cannot be fulfilled in a timely fashion, and teams rely instead on static dashboards with outdated or incomplete data. The lack of actionable insights is more problematic than ever, as organizations deal with a rapidly changing environment that requires fast decision-making