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Adobe Redefines Photoshop Toolkit to Make Image Processing Better

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 22, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The ‘Mountain View’ software giant Adobe rolls out huge Photoshop update. The new feature span a number of apps, but Adobe’s prime focus is on its popular image processing software Adobe Photoshop.

The update includes custom toolbars to the photo-editing software that enable users to add, delete or rearrange group of tools on the left side of the interface. Users can also customize the layout of the workspace to best suit their personal choice.

The enhancements allow users to use multiple artboards in the same file. Till now, users depended on groups and layers so that they can toggle on and off from multiple screens of a page or app of a website layout.

Now, Photoshop users will also have “Recent Files" view option, which will appear when the software is loaded. This feature will allow a user to quickly search for recently worked on files.

 Integration with the 3D character creation app – Fuse is the next important update. This allows users to extend 3D capabilities of the photo-editing software to a new level.

The latest update enables enhanced user interface (UI) not only for desktops but also for touch-based devices, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Earlier designers who use Photoshop had to browse through a number of fonts that best suited individual projects. The software has a number of fonts and users may have favorites; however remembering all font types was difficult. With the latest update, users will have the option to save their favorite fonts for future use.