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Adopting Digital Services in an Organization

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Agile development is a term for a set of frameworks and practices in software development realm. These frameworks and practices are particularly resourceful if the company works in complex or uncertain environments where a problem needs to be solved. Agile frameworks encourage short feedback cycles to help validate assumptions, discover the exact problem and identify a proper solution. 

In digital services, the company interacts with people such as customers, constituents, or suppliers. These interactions happen on the company’s platforms such as website, mobile app, or through software. Furthermore, these platforms allow people outside the organization to self-serve and engage. Interacting with customers is a complex domain. The organization doesn’t know whether the customer uses their latest product. The company has to strategize and encourage customers to use those services and provide value to the customers, constituents, and suppliers.

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Majority of organizations view digital transformation as a means to bring efficiency. They think automation is the answer for better customer service, but this is a short-sighted point of view. A poorly designed service can do more damage than customer service. Adopting digital services truly means developing the services right and providing value to your customers which is beneficial for the organization at the same time.

The organization has to deliver its services iteratively and incrementally to add value to their constituents indeed. However, the rejection or the selection of the ideas of the constituents should be dependent on the hypotheses formed by the company. The entire organization has to change to deliver value to their constituents, not just software developers. This indicates that there should be no space for bureaucracy, self-serving actions, and empire building in the organization. 

The organization must regularly address and be ready to respond to change and uncertainty. The structure of the organization should be agile enough to deal with issues that are uncertain. It is not easy to implement change in an organization, but the benefits of changes will help the organization grow.

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