AdsBridge Releases its Beta Version Online Next Generation Tracker for Online Marketers

By CIOReview | Monday, January 19, 2015

FREMONT, CA: AdsBridge that develops high quality testing tools has launched the beta release of their product with free access to marketers.

AdsBridge designed to help serious performance marketers - publishers, media buyers, marketing agencies and advertisers moves their business forward and deliver their traffic from A to B while saving time and reaching higher ROI.

Alex Omelyanovich, Head of Product Development at AdsBridge says, "The best feature of AdsBridge at this point is that it’s free to use. We do not plan on becoming a paid solution within the next 6 months. Right now the whole team is extremely focused on improving the SaaS version, releasing new features and updates every week”.

In AdsBridge, the security measures are put in place. By hosting the data on tracker’s end, you protect it with encryption and remove the risk of server hacks. Having a hosted solution feels like a dream and saves you $500+/month on a dedicated server for self-hosted tracker.

Some of the benefits of AdsBridge are: Tracks unlimited mobile and web campaigns in real time, target and redirect traffic by 15 parameters, creates custom sub ids and pass them to offer automatically, Rotate unlimited offers and landing pages with weighted percent, block your referrer and use redirects to keep your data private, create landing pages in minutes without HTML or CSS.