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AdSecure IntroducesContent Classification Feature

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Bryan Taylor, Sales Manager, AdSecure

Bryan Taylor, Sales Manager, AdSecure

AdSecure has announced the launch of its latest Content Classification platform.

FREMONT, CA: AdSecure is the advanced cybersecurity company that offers digital publishers and platforms with modern solutions to deliver safe, high-quality digital ads. The company has announced the launch of its latest Content Classification platform. This new collection of classified solutions is designed to assist AdSecure partners in understanding and operating the visual elements in the digital ad content. It will also allow them to remove explicit or potentially offensive images and keep content on point with the brand's message.

The Content Classification from AdSecure has three different modules, every one of them offers classification for specific visual elements so that the content users can easily interact with Unsafe Content, Ad Labels, and Logo detection.

Furthermore, the Unsafe Content also allows AdSecure partners to recognize the ad content with offensive images that can be disturbing or misleading for the users. Google Cloud Vision empowers AdSecure's Unsafe Content Detection due to which it can identify potentially offensive content into five categories:

• Adult - Recognises content, which is considered as nudity or sexually explicit.

• Racy - Classifies content that suggestive or contains mature visual elements

• Medical - Recognizes content that has medically graphic images, also known as gore.

• Violent – Relates to the content, which is violent and possibly disturbing for the end-users.

• Spoof - Classifies content, which is considered as parody, misleading, or fake news.

According to Bryan Taylor, AdSecure's Manager for Sales and Customer Success, "When we look at the challenge of tackling demand-side ad fraud and delivering safe, high quality user experiences, it's important for publishers and platforms to go beyond identifying and blocking digital threats like malware, or malicious redirects. The visual imagery that site visitors will engage with should be safe for consumption as well. Eliminating offensive content that can disturb end users or mislead them with scams that play on the iconography of established companies, is crucial to user engagement. We're very excited to now help our partners identify content that could disturb users, or unintentionally tarnish the integrity of their own brand."