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ADTANCE Launches ADTANCE Support Module and Fieldstreaming Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Live multi-angle video customer support boosts machine repairs, reduces downtime, enhances remote training, and facilitates long-distance collaboration.

FREMONT, CA: ADTANCE, an international After-Sales Service technology platform provider for manufactures, industrial firms, and mechanical engineering organizations, rolls out a new ADTANCE Support Module and Fieldstreaming solution that is wholly integrated ADTANCE Smart Services Platform 4.0. The ADTANCE Fieldstreaming solution is the first live remote support software potent for connecting every type of camera to the system, such as cameras within smartphones, tablets, computers, security cameras, drones, and underwater remote operators Vehicles (ROVs).

ADTANCE Support users can live stream views of machines from several angles simultaneously, significantly enhancing live support, remote training, and long-distance collaboration in the field. The solution can be deployed using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets or by wearing smart glasses.

Today’s customer demand for live remote support, training, and collaboration skyrocket in part because of the COVID-19 challenges and increasingly complex machines, and a shortage of skilled technicians. The new ADTANCE Support and Fieldstreaming solution is suited to address the evolving set of remote service applications. Firms want service technicians to view machines from many angles in real-time, conduct live remote user training from several perspectives, and collaborate remotely using multiple cameras. The new Support Module and Fieldstreaming Solution makes all these applications possible and simple.

ADTANCEs Fieldstreaming Solution is a game-changer. Now the company can build an entire machine sixteen meters high and get technical assistance remotely. After the machine is built, it can remotely educate and train machine operators; effectively partner long distance with our customers to test new mixtures of raw materials running in the machine; and upgrade machines without traveling to the customer site. ADTANCE Support and Fieldstreaming Solution mitigate the high costs and risks of traveling to customer sites while increasing the number of customers technical experts can service.

The ADTANCE Support Module also comprises capabilities that enhance communication and collaboration between service technicians and customers.