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Advalue Introduces Two New High Pulse Energy Fiber Lasers

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Advalue Photonics, a manufacturer of 2 micron fiber lasers, introduces two new high pulse energy fiber lasers:Pulsed Single-Frequency Fiber Lasers and High Pulse Energy 2 Micron Mode-Locked Fiber Laser.

The Pulsed Single-Frequency Fiber Laser provides wavelength options at 1 micron, 1.55 micron and 2 micron. The characteristics of this fiber laser are: high pulse energy in single longitudinal mode; customizable operating wave length; pulse widths in the hundreds of nanosecond; narrow spectral linewidth; near diffraction limited beam quality and require turn-key system with no maintenance. It enables new capabilities such as Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), frequency conversion, mid-IR generation and spectroscopy, reports PRWeb.

The High Pulse Energy 2 Micron Mode-Locked Fiber Laser is an ultra-fast fiber laser with a 2 micron wavelength range. High pulse energy and peak powers are frequently needed to enhance the effects under study or to develop practical real world applications.  It provides scientists and engineers with new capabilities in the fields of mid-IR generations, spectroscopy, micromachining, non-linear optics.

“Exciting new research and product development will be enabled by this laser’s performance characteristics of 10 µJ pulse energy, 800 fs pulse width, and 100’s kHz pulse repetition rate,” says Dr. Katherine Liu, Director of Business Development  in AdValue Photonics.

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