Advanced AI-Driven Marketing Automation Solutions for Better CX
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Advanced AI-Driven Marketing Automation Solutions for Better CX

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Providing superior experiences can generate a competitive edge for brands in today's customer-centered environment. Many marketers, however, face challenges that provide highly personalized, real-time experiences across websites, mobile apps, call centers, retail stores, and other venues for consumers. Businesses should aim to create great customer experiences as they will drive brand loyalty and retention, and eventually give and improve profitability for business.

Analytics is crucial to this process as it provides the ability to comprehend and enhance customer experience, facilitating businesses to create scalable customer travel that is both customer satisfying and organizationally valuable. Data is the big mystery to developing customized campaigns that in the right moments will reach the right customers. We have to live and breathe data in the digital age we live in. Customers are better understood by using the right data sources and build more accurate targeting capabilities. Real-time access to data is critical; perhaps more specifically, understanding that data alone will not solve the issues is the key here. The reality is, the real value can be extracted from the data in insights.

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Often the most effective customer experience (CX) involves customization and optimization— getting the right text at the right time, in the right channel and in the correct sequence. This can be daunting for marketers in the times that matter to attain consumers at various stages of the customer journey, on various devices and media channels. New inventions have emerged to help companies tackle this task by assisting marketers take advantage of real-time, qualitative customer data to offer a smooth and hyper-personalized experience whenever they interact with customers. These technologies provide deep integrations and capabilities that incorporate data into all core processes of marketing and save time for marketers.

Talking about saving time, platforms for mechanization, and machine learning can also help accelerate the process of crunching and disclosing insight. Advanced Artificial Intelligence technology-driven marketing automation solutions can recognize the most appropriate channels for hitting customers.

Customer experience is dependent on advanced engines for decision-making and engagement. It's easy to say, but not exactly easy to develop or deliver, never mind maintaining or even growing over time. Moreover, those organizations that do this are likely to reap the benefits as they develop stronger and more sustainable competitive advantages and pull away from their less sophisticated peers.

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