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Advanced BI and Analytics for Healthcare: Founding Operational Security and Transparency

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 7, 2021

Technology is providing healthcare customers with unparalleled insight into operations and billing functions.  

FREMONT, CA: iMedX, Inc. launches the new iMedX Analytics with the acquisition of Prevalent, Inc. and Axcension, Inc., verified providers of cutting-edge revenue cycle management and healthcare analytics consulting services. The Acquisition completes another phase of iMedX's ongoing global approach to enhance healthcare technology. This enables deep insights into operations for healthcare facilities with the ultimate goal of improving patient care while also reducing costs.    

Proprietary analytics technology has been integrated to create a never-before-seen business intelligence solution for healthcare providers, allowing complete transparency and understanding across multiple systems. Acquisitions are essential as a comprehensive analytics platform will be a vital part of every provider's RCM workflow in the coming years. Having accurate insight into billing operations will be a necessity to continue maximizing reimbursements for clients in an ever-changing regulatory environment. 

New iMedX Analytics can enable healthcare providers to make smarter judgments by giving them a streamlined system to explore all of the organization's data instantly. Through automated monitoring and advanced rules, billing problems or potential areas of enhancement can be identified quickly and resolved. Existing iMedX services and products will utilize enhanced analytics technology to ensure maximum efficiency and increased ROI for customers.

iMedX is a unified health information solutions and medical document management company. The company is an international leader in income cycle management, medical documentation, and health information solutions. iMedX offers a comprehensive suite of high-value revenue cycle management solutions, including medical transcription, results-based consulting, medical coding services, education opportunities, and data analytics. Prevalent's sturdy technology features system automation that effectively prioritizes accounts receivable activities optimize workflows and deliver actionable economic insights through elegant dashboards. Axcension has a documented track record of producing leading-edge analytics and developing customized technology solutions. 

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