Advanced IoT: Reorienting the Manufacturing Paradigm
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Advanced IoT: Reorienting the Manufacturing Paradigm

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) has been continually revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Providing the manufacturers with actionable insights into streamlining the critical processes, improving the functional uptime, organizing activities involving the supply chain, clients, consumers, and the suppliers, and enhancing product quality, IoT has marked the advent of smart factories. In order to meet the quality standards and production demand, manufacturers are employing the advanced conceptualizations of Operational Technology (OT) to computerize the critical processes related to tracking and managing the assets, and controlling the digital inventory, and more. Engineers are now combining IoT with the selected features of OT to automate maintenance and process check mechanisms.

With smart IoT-driven data analytics, manufacturers find better ways to achieve increased cost and time efficiencies. Data analytics help the manufacturing professionals in making logical decisions, which in turn, add to the productivity and profitability of the industry. The latest IoT-powered scheduling algorithms and quality and software compliance check procedures are optimizing the manufacturing processes to a great extent. The combined effect of data analytics and connective sciences help the industry to translate the raw user data into potential information for designing more effective business strategies. The sufficiently advanced manufacturing technology integrates IoT-based senor systems to collect, analyze and modulate data from the embedded sensors. Manufacturing processes, which are backed by cognitive IoT analytics, provide not only visual inspection capabilities, but also offer various use cases to detect defects in the manufacturing outcomes.

By creating a business functional network which connects the enterprise with the clients, employees, supply chain and logistics units, software developers, business analysts, suppliers, production team and more, IoT enables the manufacturer to stay informed about the business proceedings round the clock. With this, the heads of the organizations can continue to supervise the operations remotely. All in all, IoT technology is sure to take the manufacturing methodologies to another level.               

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