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Advanced Software Management Tool Crafting Customized Software Development Workflows

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Integrating a cloud-based software management tool opens scope for the organizations to understand the project core, to focus and acheive the critical business goals.   

FREMONT, CA: ZenHub, the project management tools provider, adds a new customization feature to its Workspaces that allows every team to resolve its specific needs, tasks, and styles within large and complex organizations. The Workspaces platform offers the software teams the flexibility to design their workflows without affecting the process while collaborating across the business. ZenHub dedicates to deploy programs, regular integration continuously, and automate testing through their practice-driven engineering solutions.

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ZenHub Workspaces include “one view fits all” approach for the organization and helps to manage software developments to focus on their specific requirements and finish the task efficiently. The solution majorly helps the developers and stakeholders to work with relevant segments eliminating the complexity and confusion of non-applicable pipelines and surplus information. The leverage of continuing the working style eases the whole process uninterruptedly.

The customizable platform allows the teams to develop or take advantage of the same codebase or repo, but different workflows by creating separate pipeline structures. The software’s flexibility to optimize the individual working process without any impact on the other development teams or collaborators across the enterprise makes it an excellent option to implement. The provided personalized platform simplifies the large, monolithic software development workflows and breaks down into detailed contextual pipelines for each stakeholder.

ZenHub helps software projects to fully transform into a featured project management platform for agile development, enabling comprehensive planning, management, collaboration, tracking, prioritization, and reporting. It helps the development teams to build software faster by integrating and improving it for ensuring a higher level of accuracy with up-dated information. All-round features like easy synchronization, API, link issues and pull requests, integration with slack, workflow customization, multi-organizational support, bulk actions, and more, make it a fast-moving software solution platform in the market.