Advanced Technology takes Surgeries from Operating Room to Physician's Office

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AUSTIN, TX: Fiagon NA, a medical technology company engaged in development and manufacturing of surgical navigation systems, has recently announced their partnership with Entellus Medical. Under the terms of agreement Entellus Medical will be the exclusive distributor of Fiagon Image Guidance Systems (IGS) for ENT offices and ENT Ambulatory Surgery Centers across the U.S.

Fiagon makes use of their proprietary “FlexSensor” electromagnetic based navigation technology to develop and manufacture innovative surgical navigational systems. Coupled with the Entellus XprESS Pro balloon dilation system and the Fiagon image guidance system will allow ENT physicians greater confidence in device placement during ENT procedures.

Entellus has effectively moved procedures such as balloon sinus dilation from the operating room to the physician’s office, providing equivalent results to traditional sinus surgery while delivering unparallel patient experience. The addition of image guidance in the office environment is part of the initiative to move minor surgical procedures from operating room to physician’s office improving patient experience and resulting in significant cost savings.

Timo Kruger, CEO of Fiagon says, “Our system has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The result is a system that is tailor-made for the physician's office while providing the best possible accuracy, precision and confidence. The combination of the Entellus XprESS Pro and the Fiagon IGS is a win-win for physicians and patients.”