Advanced Wearable Applications and Platforms for Achieving Business Goals
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Advanced Wearable Applications and Platforms for Achieving Business Goals

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 18, 2019
Lance Anderson, VP-Enterprise Sales

Lance Anderson, VP-Enterprise Sales

Workplace demand for wearables continues to rise as requirements for effectiveness, workplace safety, and compliance are becoming increasingly crucial across many industries.

FREMONT, CA: Vuzix® Corporation, a renowned provider of Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technology and goods, expands the capabilities of Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses to support more than 45 applications running native to the Blade, increasing the features accessible to the clients.  

Vuzix Blade offers a wearable smart display with a viewing experience using proprietary waveguide optics. These Smart Glasses now supports multiple streaming and video platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. In the wearable display field, fashion meets technology: based on AR technology, the Blade has emerged as a revolutionary and an ideal companion of a smartphone, enabling users to communicate hands-free with their phone. These apps influence various industries, from drone assistance to real-time language translation.

Vuzix Smart Glasses are known to help businesses save considerable time and money while allowing seamless workflow, productivity, security, and risk mitigation. In addition, the Smart Glasses are integrated into the management of the warehouse and the ERP system to collect the right packages and fulfill customer orders, shooting the productivity, efficiency and performance accuracy of the logistic sector. 

Securing its place in the list of Top 20 AR Technology Solution Providers, CIOReview, Vuzix Corporation stands out as a leading provider of technologies and products for the consumer and business markets for Smart-Glasses and augmented reality. The company's products provide customers with high-quality mobile viewing experience, mobility solutions, and wearable displays. In the field of Video Eyewear, Vuzix holds 153 patents and countless IP permits.