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Advancing Industries with IoT

By CIOReview | Monday, January 14, 2019

Recently, numerous changes have taken place in the digital world. Almost all the conventional and human interpreted tasks are replaced with automated devices. Thanks to AI-based techniques, particularly machine learning and IoT based devices with its capability to grow, learn from previous experiences, thereby providing accurate results with enhanced operational efficiency and minimizing unplanned downtime. In a nutshell, it is hoped that almost every practical item will have a way to connect to the internet and communicate with other devices.

The proliferation of AI-powered personal assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa also indicates a general trend in IoT. In recent years, the technology market has seen the idea of a clever home from a fictional to a nonchalant reality. In real time, the world is experiencing an incredible technological revolution and hopes to benefit from the phase shift. The smartphones are already a big part of our lives, whether or not people like it.

The new smartphones will feature advanced Bluetooth technology and active GPS, enabling conditional information sharing that will contribute an endless stream of data to the cloud for research and marketing purposes. While some have concerns, and rightly so, this could lead to a marked increase in the progress of such devices in the face of metric tonnes of data. This provision does not always strike the right balance but will prove to be a valuable tool in time.

The development of the doorbells and light bulbs raised an incredible question about the extent to which IoT technology can go. Philips has launched a collection of hue lights which can be controlled by the smartphone or smartphone assistant. The August Smart Lock has added interconnectivity to the door locks and can be controlled by a smartphone without a surprise.

As the growth of IoT is far beyond the point of return, the future, and beyond, seems filled with the endless possibilities that the technology offers.

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