Advantages of DevOps in the Software Development Process
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Advantages of DevOps in the Software Development Process

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Technology trends are very dynamic today as the trends keep changing very rapidly. The market demands customized development solutions that have an inherent ability to the ever-changing market demands. In addition to the dynamic software development solutions, the companies also want the applications to be user-friendly. The traditional approach of software development leads to a communication gap between the different teams in the process. A development process can only be effective only if all the teams that are involved in the product life cycle have a proper collaboration. The product life cycle includes all the processes from the planning to testing to the deployment of the product. The best strategy to bridge the gap is DevOps.

DevOps is an advanced version of agile techniques which is a combination of both the development and operations process. It is a process of creating a single framework on which development and operations team collaborates for the duration of a product’s lifecycle. The aim of DevOps is to provide a faster and reliable software product development and careful implementation with the assistance of automation.

Software codes have become quite complicated these days as requirements and specifications have become quite dynamic today. Companies like Amazon and Netflix release a software update every few seconds. DevOps tackles this problem as this technique provides custom software services. Custom software development also saves a huge amount of time without compromising on the product quality. DevOps helps to increase the profitability and productivity and even if the goal of the company is not financial, DevOps assists the company to achieve that goal.

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The DevOps software most benefits End-users as they are provided with a quality product that has gone through many quality assurance procedures. The continuous integration and deployment processes make sure that the user can add any methodology whenever they want. The advantages of using the DevOps process are as follows:

•    It helps to find pain-points within the development-operations system.

•    It provides reliable strategies which help a company in making the development process faster and innovative.

•    It reduces the amount of risk by conducting risk assessment regularly.

•    DevOps improves the Deployment process as it reduces the failures in new launches.

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