Advantech Remote Evaluation Lab to host 6WIND's Network Function Virtualization Portal

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 25, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Advantech in collaboration with 6WIND affirm the outset of 6WIND’s remote Network Function Virtualization (NFV) portal, targeted to serve integrators, telecom operators and Virtual Network Function (VNFs) partners across the world.

This portal will aid highly scalable NFV Platforms enabling quick evaluation for performance of 6WIND Virtual Accelerator and Turbo Appliances with third-party VNFs. This venture also comes as an encouragement for collaboration between VNF vendors, NFV middleware providers such as 6WIND, OpenStack vendors, and platform providers such as Advantech to prompt advanced innovation, to pace up wider adoption and swift deployment of NFV-related technologies.

6WIND Virtual Accelerator integration with OpenStack software laced on Advantech’s scalable range of computer and networking hardware into NFV platforms provides a remotely accessible framework that enables users to verify and evaluate the performance crucial in various services chaining scenario on a particular server platform. It also empowers the operators to immediately check if the dedicated platform provides the manageability, scalability and carrier grade resiliency required for NFV deployments. 6WIND also demonstrates the NFV portal test drive environment at its monthly DPDK Meetups, where users can see how to run their own applications in the cloud leveraging OpenStack with increased performance from 6WIND Virtual Accelerator.

“In the transition to NFV and virtual networking environments, telecom operators, integrators and application vendors can benefit from Advantech’s Remote Evaluation Service to help solve performance challenges faster and deploy the best solutions to meet fast-evolving needs,” mentions Eric Carmès, Founder and CEO of 6WIND. “Our NFV portal in Advantech’s lab allows users to test 6WIND’s Turbo Appliances and third party VNFs on top of 6WIND Virtual Accelerator managed by OpenStack for rapid performance evaluation.”