Advera Unveils Version 3.0 of its RxSignal to Cut Down Systematic Cost

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 14, 2015

SANTA ROSA, CA:  To enhance the ability for managed care and to improve health outcomes, Advera Health Analytics, provider of a range of healthcare products and services for better decision making, has delivered the newest version of its proprietary tool, called RxSignal 3.0.

The latest version is a component of Advera Health’s Adverse Events Explorer app, which provides the standardized and sourced data on post approval drug side effects from FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS). It also helps Pharma companies to practically cut administrative and systematic costs.

“Post-marketing AE data is a vital component of any comprehensive analysis of drug safety. Our mission is to help our clients to predict future FDA actions in order to save money and increase patient safety,” says Keith Hoffman, Ph.D., VP of Scientific Affairs, Advera Health.  

“The predictive power of RxSignal comes from the analytic power of our RxSuite of analytics combined with our unique ability to go through thousands of FDA alerts to determine which AE’s FDA is most concerned with,” he adds.

Prominent features of RxSignal 3.0 are; it generates accurate signals that direct changes involving important medical events while producing a small number of signals that do not lead to FDA label changes; shows a predictive rate above seventy percent for label changes with less than thirty percent false signal rate. It also focuses the drug/AE pair universe down to 0.21 percent of potential signals.