AEON's Cancer Genetic Testing Integrates with Telehealth Based Genetic Counseling from Authentidate
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AEON's Cancer Genetic Testing Integrates with Telehealth Based Genetic Counseling from Authentidate

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 29, 2015

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ: Advances in healthcare sector over the past decade have played a vital role in reducing the suffering and deaths associated with cancer. Regular use of some established screening tests can improve chances of survival and decrease mortality by detecting cancer at an early stage when treatment is more effective. Authentidate Holding takes this trend to the next step by signing a deal with AEON Clinical Laboratories to launch Cancer Detect Profile, a 38-gene cancer genetic test coupled with telehealth-based genetic counseling for the prescribing physicians.

The test detects patients with increased risk of colorectal, breast, pancreatic, ovarian, gastric, melanoma, stomach and other cancers. It is available nationwide through any AEON base which consists of more than 6,000 physicians who annually treat more than one million patients nationwide. In addition, AEON offers insurance, pre-authorization support and free access to genetic counselors working together with the prescribing physicians.

"This pioneering offering enhances our group of leading Cancer Genomics tests and uniquely integrates our board-certified genetic counselors remotely, via Authentidate's telehealth platform," says Richard Hersperger, CEO, AEON. "Cancer Detect Profile is a significant innovation in personalized medicine and exemplifies our commitment to delivering a comprehensive offering of state of the art testing equipment and services to provide the fastest and most reliable results in the nation."

The test examines mutations in patients’ DNA and RNA within a panel of 38-genes associated with cancer and provides a comprehensive report. It provides information on the connection between a patient’s unique genetic makeup and the risk to develop certain prevalent cancers.

It will further guide clinician’s routes of personalized therapy depending on the genomic mutation and associated cancer. AEON’s genetic counselors will provide counseling to prescribing physicians utilizing video chat from the clinician’s computer and Authentidate’s Web-based telehealth application.

The platform also helps in tracking and managing the data, records the occurrence of events, and all of the patient’s information, while providing a HIPAA-compliant communications interface system.

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