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Aerial Surveying for Earthwork Calculations made Accurate and Automated

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 4, 2019

Drones are proving to be handy in a lot of fields. Surveying tools that make use of drones for accurate earthwork calculations are here.

FREMONT, CA: Survey data of construction site needs to be accurate. The cloud-based drone company, Propeller launches Terrain Editing, a tool to assist surveyors. The new feature enables surveyors to increase the level of accuracy in earthwork calculations by editing out obstructions present on the site to be surveyed.

Every site has a lot of obstructions that can lead to inconsistent calculation and estimation. Mistakes in a survey would lead to a lot of inconvenience and increased costs later on. Hence, these mistakes have to be removed using multiple tools and burdensome processes. Terrain Editing can minimize the efforts that have to be put in for all of these tasks. It helps in improving the accuracy level of volumes and surface areas and minimizes irregularities.

Another result of accuracy is tighter quotes and more profitable bids. The automated feature of filtering and removing unwanted objects from a survey works well for starters. On top of that, manual terrain editing is also available, and by adding this feature, the company has entitled users to better control and more flexibility concerning surveying. Certain features allow editing access to different users. Users can track change made by others on the platform. So sharing models becomes simpler and separate teams can access the information.

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Drone surveying technologies have improved a lot recently, and drones are successfully being incorporated into many applications. High precision and easy controls are essential for good results. With Propeller's platform, visualizing and analyzing survey locations for earthwork measurement becomes hassle-free and cost-efficient.

Propeller offers a range of products and specializes in providing 3D mapping and aerial surveying capabilities. It caters to numerous industries, including the construction industry, the mining industry, waste management industry, and consulting companies. With innovative and technologically advanced software and hardware, Propeller gives its clients quality services.

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