Aesynt Highlights Benefits of IV Automation, Aiding to Advance Medication Management

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 25, 2015

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, PA: Aesynt, an integrated pharmacy automation solution provider for hospitals and healthcare systems showcases the advantages of IV Automation and enterprise medication management which improves patient care, along with cost cutting strategies.

Aesynt delivers advanced medication solutions to manage increased patient volumes with flexible technology and workflow techniques to improve clinical quality and financial performances. IV Automation supports to upgrade patient safety through comprehensive medication strategies providing a suite of solutions to automate IV room namely: “Reinvent”, “Station Onco”, “Station” and “Soft”. IV room is enclosed place used to test drugs, in which airborne particles and pollutants are kept within strict limits.

Reinvent is a global, multisite registry of Compound Sterile Preparation (CSP) data will help customers improve their IV admixture process through improved evaluation, analysis and insights. Station Onco, a second generation oncology robot, automates production of ready-to-administer oncology patient doses. It also provides efficient solution for computing and allotting ready-to-administer injectable medications. While, Soft offers software solutions catering to patient welfare, thus improving the quality and efficiency of the computing and dispensing workflow.

Reinvent leverages the data gathered through more than 50,000 sterile compounding preparations monthly to support better clinical solutions. IV Automation yields to develop faster and advanced ways for medication management.