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Affordable and Result-Driven Security Solutions for Smaller Business

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Evading security threats is now made more comfortable with simple, effective, and proactive approaches, tailored for smaller businesses. See how these strategic steps provide multiple layers of security.

FREMONT, CA: Cyber Security is becoming quintessential with each passing day. Companies realize this and are taking steps towards mitigating cyber attacks. With the necessary security measures and proper safety standards, businesses can ensure better risk management. Investing in the area is, but this becomes a limitation for smaller businesses as they are not always in a position to afford dependable security services. Hence it becomes crucial for such companies to devise strategies which help them overcome the lack of costly security solutions. By focusing on a few critical points, smaller businesses can boost security performance substantially.

• VPN for a Secure Network

In the absence of a secure intranet system for in-house communications and collaborations, smaller businesses should invest in a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The amount of resources required for an intranet is high, and it also necessitates an IT team. Opting for a VPN allows companies to afford a certain level of security with encrypted data and hidden IP addresses. The service providers offer a range of differently priced plans that businesses can go for.

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• More Advanced Firewall Security

Firewall offers the first layer of security for enterprises as it protects systems and devices from intruders. As it is difficult for smaller companies to afford continuous monitoring capabilities, they should focus on preventing risky activities with the help of firewalls for all the systems used including the remote devices of employees who work remotely.

• Employee Awareness Programs

The employees in an organization should understand the security concerns and vulnerabilities; otherwise, they can become a target of hackers. An official security policy guideline is a must for companies. Companies should look to train their personnel in handling security so that every time a new tool or system is introduced, there can be maximum benefits.

• Essential Back-up Infrastructure

In spite of all security strategies in place, treats and attacks can never be completely ruled out. To minimize the damage in the aftermath of an attack, it is essential that recovery is fast. With a good backup strategy, companies can secure all their data and ensure that the services are not disrupted for long, and data can be recovered. Depending on what suits them, companies can choose between a cloud-based backup or drive-based backup.

Small companies can now breakthrough the limitations to reinforce security. Well managed security can protect companies and prove to be valuable in the long run.