After Web Based CMMS Solutions, New CMMS App from Smartware
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After Web Based CMMS Solutions, New CMMS App from Smartware

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 7, 2016

CENTER HARBOR, NH: Delivering Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions for the better part of a decade, Smartware group have now introduced the Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise+ app, compatible with iOS and Android.

The app provides access to powerful core functionalities including the maintenance request and work order creation, safety programs, multi-language capabilities, labor timers; and search and filter capabilities. It enhances maintenance operations with QR code capabilities, camera integration, offline work order editing, geo-tagging and on-hand inventory availability.

“Today’s technologies afford us unprecedented options to advance our system, particularly within a mobile environment,” says Paul Lachance, President, Smartware Group. “We continue to push the envelope for higher design and functionality quality in order to better enhance the maintenance management experience for our users.”

The built-in camera integration capability helps leverage the mobile’s camera to upload Asset images and associate document images to work Orders. Additionally, the QR code functionality can be used to gather further details to rapidly track across the work orders, the assets and the parts. It would also be beneficial if the assets and the work orders can be tagged and visually navigate nearby locations. The geo-tagging feature of the apps fulfills this particular requirement.

The app offers offline editing access to work order data, allowing users to sync back information when connected with the cellular network or Wi-Fi. The timer available on the app helps capture labor data helping maintain preventive work orders. Apart from these, there is also the availability of On-hand inventory that helps conduct physical counts and research real-time quantities on hand, re-ordering points, and other activities to control spare parts inventory.

 “There’s a demonstrated market need for an app like ours that is both highly usable and functional,” adds Lachance. “With so many organizations still neglecting asset data collection combined with a market shift towards mobile accessibility, we hope to elevate and improve the maintenance management software standard for both our users and the maintenance industry as a whole, to help them capture and utilize this valuable data where and when they need it.”