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AGC Black Box Concludes Mobiquest’s Acquisition

By CIOReview | Friday, January 15, 2021

Mobiquest was created with a vision to provide governments and companies with world-class mobile and smart sensor technologies and services.

FREMONT, CA: AGC Black Box, a global solutions integrator, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Mobiquest, a Singapore-based mobile device design, production, and service provider. The acquisition is the latest step in AGC Black Box's continuing vision to create a global IT services brand that offers the highest value and world-class digital solutions to consumers across six continents.

"AGC Black Box continues to make key acquisitions to advance our strategy and augment our portfolio in adjacent and relevant markets," said Sanjeev Verma, President, and CEO, AGC Black Box. "In a perfect alignment with our core practice areas, Mobiquest provides end-to-end, secure and proven IoT and mobile solutions with a major focus on smart enterprises, smart city and smart nation initiatives. We are excited about how the Mobiquest solutions will expand our capabilities and make AGC Black Box even more relevant in today's mobile-first, app-driven world."

Mobiquest was created with a vision to provide governments and companies with world-class mobile and smart sensor technologies and services. The acquisition of Mobiquest adds to AGC Black Box critical technologies and resources, including:

• Custom technology creation to allow clients to handle their data convergence with legacy systems.

• Digitized and streamlined systems and workflows to track and maintain key performance indicators (KPIs) to increase accountability and improve operating quality.

• Digital transformation capabilities with end-to-end life-cycle control of application software systems leveraging technology such as RPA, blockchain, AI/Ml and IoT.

Mobiquest enters Fujisoft and Pyrios as the newest AGC Black Box purchase of core infrastructure and service providers in vital new areas. With these acquisitions, AGC Black Box is accelerating its global approach deployment progress in six key practice areas:

• Connected buildings. Global multi-site technologies include organized cabling, digital transition, and IoT system implementation.

• Digital Workspace, like UC&C hybrid premises, managed UCaaS (cloud), premises-to-cloud services, and carrier services.

• Customer Experience. This feature covers tools for contact centers, self-service/automation, device convergence, and analytics.

• In-Building 5G/OnGo to facilitate free latency access across the enterprise.

• Edge networking and data centers, along with core networking, SD-WAN, and purpose-built systems, for remote workers' 'next standard' deployment.

• Cybersecurity, ranging from governance and appraisal to incident monitoring, endpoint identification, and response.