Agile Network Offers New Solution to Help Shippers Manage Shipment Details from a Single System

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 19, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Agile Network, a provider of enterprise and e-commerce shipping software and transportation management solutions, releases Agile Network Transportation Management Execution (TME) version 2.0. The offering provides flexibility for shippers to rate, plan, execute, track audit and return shipments to and from customers from a single system.

Previously, solutions including Ship, Audit, ROUTE and OFFICE were available as individual offerings. But in the new version, Agile Network has made these solutions available as a suite in the form of Agile Network TME.

The key features of each of the solutions include:

Ship: Built with the ability to service thousands of transactions per minute in a single server or clustered environment, the core rating and routing engine called Ship can service the moderate shipper to the global shipper of hundreds of thousands of shipments per day. With the Agile Network’s web based architecture, giving local control to any shipping location within the enterprise is simple. Ship from the store can use the location personalization that is made automatically by the system at the time of the initial configuration so users can execute shipments with little training.

Audit: Freight and parcel auditing by Agile Network’s Audit module consists of several major components like Audit and Recovery, Freight Payment, Loss and Damage Claims Management and Transportation Analytics. All of these components in together creates a combined process to audit and analyze the abundance of data generated from the shipping execution portion of the system. It allows customers to inspect all shipping modes right from parcel, LTL, TL, ocean, air, rail to courier for global shipments and pays only for what their contracts allow. Audit’s key features include: real time reporting, direct accounts payable reconciliation and automated audits and tracking.


ROUTE is a system for both inbound and outbound shipments where customers can evaluate accurate delivery and charge information from multiple carriers before choosing an optimal route, and management. Working directly with many carriers, the ROUTE module gives customers direct access to the best from anywhere to anywhere shipping routes and freight estimates and reduces total spends.

OFFICE: OFFICE is Agile Network's desktop shipping management system that enables self-service carrier selection and service levels while maintaining compliance with corporate routing guidelines and charge back parameters. The system also provides shipment visibility via users' desktops for the duration of a delivery.

"Our goal is to help customers ship anywhere from anywhere better than they can today and save money doing it. Now we have a better way to visually present our services the moment someone clicks on—and just in time for NRF's Big Show 2016," said David Mallett, Principal and Executive Director, Agile Network.