Agilix BuzzTM--the Personalized Learning App from Agilix Labs

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 12, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Agilix Labs, has recently announced the general availability of the Agilix Buzz application. Personalized Learning solutions built upon Agilix BuzzTM and Agilix xLiTM support a wide range of learning models – including: virtual, blended, competency and mastery-based – from individual classrooms to School District and State-Wide adoptions.

Agilix BuzzTM is a flexible, modular, customizable, and scalable Personalized Learning Application designed to be branded and integrated by partners who need to deliver proven personalized learning solutions now. Agilix delivers solutions built on Agilix xLiTM exclusively through strategic partners and doesn’t compete with them in selling to institutions.

“Unlike many existing education applications, Agilix BuzzTM was built from the ground up with an explicit focus on the requirements of its partners to make complete Personalized Learning solutions work effectively and at scale,” said Curt Allen, CEO of Agilix Labs Inc. “It motivates students with learning choices and real-time progress feedback and provides teachers with a radar screen that shows real-time progress and pace for each student to support prescriptive guidance based upon individual needs.”

“We believed that all learning will eventually be Personalized Learning,” says Curt Allen, CEO of Agilix Labs. “By leveraging Agilix BuzzTM, our strategic partners can deliver effective Personalized Learning solutions at scale now.”

This version of Agilix BuzzTM is built on the Agilix xLiTM platform and leverages modern technologies like Google’s AngularJS framework and node.js. This upgrade significantly improves the productivity and speed for partners in delivering unique solutions that are customized to meet the exacting needs of their end user customers. The application is designed to support age-appropriate user interfaces for K-12 learners and supports mobile devices, including Google Chromebooks, Android Tablets, Apple iPads, smartphones, and other form factors.