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AgreeYa Solutions Undertakes Dell Quick Apps for SharePoint

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 4, 2016

FREMONT, CA- AgreeYa Solutions, a company focused on delivering business-driven, technology-enabled solutions that crafts next-generation competitive advantages for customers made an announcement that they will take on Dell Quick Apps for SharePoint and rebrand it as AgreeYa QuickApps for SharePoint. Starting from February 1, 2016, Quick Apps deals and support will be controlled by AgreeYa offering complete technical support, productive sales, product growth, billing and operations for the innovative web technology.

With great features such as ease of use and effective customization, QuickApps is a powerful SharePoint web suite, which helps organizations to build applications that are easily supported, maintained and upgraded. The platform also ensures long-term impact and significant return on investment.

“We are thrilled and enthusiastic about taking the reins of this already great product and enhancing it to be even more meaningful and efficient,” says Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner, AgreeYa. “We are also delighted to connect with existing Dell Quick Apps for SharePoint customers, some of whom we have worked with previously.”

AgreeYa ensures that they will continue to maintain and upgrade the rich features of the product suite, without any delay. The company is at present working on different enhancements and additional Apps for Office365 that will be available soon in the near future.