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Agrivolt Partners with Dan Freitas Electric to Monitor Electrical Network for Dairy Farm

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 5, 2015

TULARE, CA: Agrivolt – an agricultural subsidiary of Nuvolt that provides total farm equipment monitoring and electrical network management system – announces that it has partnered with Dan Freitas Electric, a service electrical contractor, to offer solution for monitoring as well as extenuating rambled voltage in dairy herd.

Freitas Electric, with its agricultural electrical specialists, will install as well as maintain the electrical system in dairy whereas Agrivolt will help electric system monitoring for dairy, swine and livestock facilities. The company detects fluctuation in voltage and mitigates it to prevent the system from certain power loss.

Agrivolt facilitates healthy electrical network by providing solution to control electric current for productive herd. In order to accelerate automation on farms, electrical utilities leverage the energy transmission through ground or neutral networks with addition of current flow and multiplication of current quantity. The company focuses on monitoring of electrical networks irrespective of types and number of used equipments to avoid production downtime and failures.