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AgTerra Adds TrackItFast to its Portfolio of GIS Mapping and Data Collection

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 11, 2014

SHERIDAN, WY: AgTerra Technologies, a provider of mobile based software and hardware solutions has announced the addition of TrackItFast, a fleet and asset management system to its portfolio of GIS mapping, data collection and reporting products.

The addition of TrackItFast delivers 24/7 visibility of fleet assets’ GPS location, vehicle status and freight information through desktop and mobile devices. It aids fleet operations, optimizes cost, enable rapid data gathering and information sharing with its Electronic forms and reports. The system also enhances logistical operations, protects cargo value and provides safety for personnel.

The system includes: Live digital map display of photos with time and location stamps; Custom electronic forms and reporting; Geo-fencing and alerts; Support for custom maps and layers; Synchronized and mapped dispatch; and Enterprise group and user management.

TrackItFast Provides Benefits Such As: 24/7 secure visibility for vehicles, equipment/ resources, personnel; Automating mobile workforce task management and automation; Reducing miles driven, downtime and fuel consumption; Recording unauthorized use of assets; Streamlining data management, scheduling, reporting, and third-party data integration; and Improving customer service.

"TrackItFast optimizes field services and improves overall operations. During our pilot program, one agribusiness reduced production inefficiencies and improved product quality from harvest to processing. They were able to easily monitor assets and simultaneously gather information in the field and at the processing facility. This made their fleet operations more efficient and streamlined the processing operations of their high-value product," says Alan Telck, president, AgTerra.