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AI Adoption to help Businesses Lead the Marketplace

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 5, 2019

There are hundreds of areas in which companies can currently achieve transformative effects with machine learning. AI has made rapid progress, thanks to improved processing, algorithms, and data. A lot of data can be analyzed with the help of machine learning, and critical insights can be provided. Most participants believe that AI would help to promote social causes and enable people to live life more fulfilling. These include fostering economic growth, improving global health and well-being, improving cybersecurity, and improving education efficiency.

It’s no secret that some of the biggest technology companies explore Artificial Intelligence, and moreover, actively utilize it for their benefit. Since this area may offer unprecedented opportunities, these companies have not spent time, effort or money beating their competitors in order to achieve better results.

The Microsoft Professional Program helps developers learn AI and data science skills ready for work. The courses are organized by experts from Microsoft who provide training in areas such as Python, data analysis, Azure machine learning, computer vision, deep learning models, and how to develop Applied AI solutions.

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Netflix, an online video streamer, uses machine learning in a recommendation engine that analyzes usage data to offer customized content suggestions to users. It turns out that Netflix's recommendation engine is responsible for 80 percent of the television shows that its subscribers consume.

The Facebook team has developed an approach in which machine translation systems can be trained using only one-language companies without the need for bilingual data. They feed their engines large volumes of different text from publicly available websites such as Wikipedia in a variety of languages. These texts are separate from each other, and there is no direct correspondence in different languages between the content.

AI adoption is entirely leveraged by technology companies that see a clear return on investment and need to prove themselves in the future by being the leaders in the emerging world. Also, financial service companies were quick to acquire AI talent due to their healthy margins and their ability to benefit from any proprietary edge they could develop against the market.