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AI and AR powering retail industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 18, 2018

From streamlining marketing to customer experience there are intelligent offerings of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Below are examples of AI enhancing the retail industry.

Enhancing the in experience: Retailers have integrated AR technology into the in-store experience. Because consumers prefer stores that offer AR experiences where they have the chance to experience the product. Some brands have incorporated AR into the actual product, enhancing not only the shopping experience but the overall brand experience too. At times, an in-store experience doesn't help customers visualize how products will suit their homes. AR is offering customers the opportunity to see products in the home before purchase.

Augmented reality bridges the offline and online retail worlds offering to experiment with the emerging technology. The aim is to give a touch of life to the in-store experience and enhance shopping on websites or mobile applications.

AR allows customers to try out new products, hassle-free, before coming to the store. Also offering a memorable and interactive experience to the visitors builds a positive association with the brand.

The future of AR promises more options and benefits to retailers and consumers. Increasingly driven by customer expectations AR is quickly becoming a necessity. Much like AR, AI also plays a vital role in the shopping experience.

AI has brought advanced recommendation engines that allow consumers to find the right item by going through a digital catalog that asks questions regarding preferences. In addition to these digital catalogs, retailers can monitor how successful an item is with the consumer by monitoring their facial and hand gestures.

With the successful implementation, it seems that technologies like AR and AI are becoming an essential part of the industry. The ability of AR and AI in improving the consumer experience with convenience and customization can lead to a satisfied customer and a higher profit margin in the long run.

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