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AI and Automation Bring Back Motivated Mondays

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 11, 2019

The need for AI and automation has grown greater than ever in the fields of marketing as there are multiple partners who tend to increase the amount of data to has to be developed, analyzed, and observed.

FREMONT, CA: The lasting promises of AI and automation are fascinating, but it is also significant to identify that they can ease most of the time-consuming challenges today, resulting in better Mondays for the employees. Given the future, ML and AI technology will be harnessed to let the growth leaders focus more on strategy and planning.

There are some methods in which AI and automation can minimize and eliminate the time-consuming works:


Predictions and forecasts are the cores to a growth leader’s responsibility, and without it, it is difficult to achieve the goals set or track the progress against them. The implementation of AI can provide a crucial addition to the business insight as it holds the ability to free the practice of forecast from extreme bias. By employing AI in the business, it can be fruitful as it can speed up the processes, consider more insights, and provide crucial additional input. An AI-driven prediction delivers projections with a high degree of statistical importance and gives valuable information for planning and performance.

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Detecting Deception:

Fraudsters are cunning, and companies are in a continuous race to stay ahead of new advancements designed to fake results or take undeserved credit for outcomes. Moreover, fraud attacks are usually massive and unexpected so that the business might lose an enormous amount of potential revenue in a short time. The solution for this is, utilizing AI and automation to mark the potential fraud as it appears and let the technology always stay on, continually scanning the data to spot risks. AI and automation also help to pinpoint as well as even eliminate errors in highly repetitive and challenging tasks in the business.


Every business leader should place their investment stake on the programs and tactics that can yield maximum results, and AI can help in identifying the strategies by taking into account several factors. It can also facilitate possible ranking tactics keeping in mind the probability of gaining outstanding revenue and profit, along with abilities to identify appropriate partners for the company.

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As customers demand solutions for specific needs, companies have drastically increased the amount of creative and content versions that existed previously in the marketing and promotional areas. By using automation, AI, and ML brands are delivering customized original content to connect with consumers on an individual viewpoint.