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AI and HPC: The Force behind Next-Gen Intelligence

By CIOReview | Friday, May 4, 2018

The digital ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace with data analytics as one of the most important constituents. With organizations being awash with massive volumes of data, high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities have become crucial to efficiently and rapidly, aggregate, share, and assess these rising pools of data. High-level performance and compute capabilities are forging the path to superior intelligence and helping organizations derive accurate and faster insights. Innovative HPC solutions have already become a major imperative to empower a new class of data analytics.

The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and HPC has brought forth a paradigm shift in computing and analytics. As workloads continue to increase in number and complexity, researchers, data scientists, and product engineers are leveraging cutting-edge capabilities and tools to perform computer-intensive and highly complex work in real time efficiently.

HPC and AI, as a combined strength, are empowering organizations in game-changing ways. The unified power plays an integral role in taming the sheer volume of data. Organizations can now reinforce data reliability and governance using AI/HPC technologies that are devised for enormous data sets and massive throughput. HPC and AI are facilitating fast, performance-focused infrastructure to deal with the most demanding workloads. Enhancing agility, flexibility, and compute performance, AI can manage and complete workloads in a matter of seconds that would previously take months. This rapidly increases the speed at which enterprises can make critical decisions. Across all industries, organizations are striving for better, faster, and more efficient ways to improve product quality, anticipate future obstacles, and determine customer preferences. Bolstered by the power of HPC, AI is not only boosting business outcomes but also augmenting the scope of human knowledge.

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