AI and IoT Join Hands to Solve Mental Health Issues
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AI and IoT Join Hands to Solve Mental Health Issues

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The approaches show how technology can be influential in improving the quality of treatment, changing access to care, and bringing about other benefits.

FREMONT, CA: IoT- and AI-based devices are collectively making forays on the path of tumbling the challenges to eliminate the stigma on opening about mental health that people with mental health struggles face.

Here are some ways how technology can address mental health problems.

By Closing the Gap Caused by Stigma and Distance

Many people fear the opinion that their friends might have if they admit to having a mental health issue or take an appointment with a professional. AI chatbots address the predicament by permitting people to talk about the issue at any time of the day. A few chatbots are trained using mock transcripts from counselors, thereby making the bots competent of managing questions on vital topics.

Another issue that the chatbots can attend to is the location or distance. For people leaving in small towns, receiving mental health aid can be a problem, so chatbots come to their rescue by filling up the void of distance. Conversely, it is also vital for the patients to take face-to-face counseling whenever the need be.

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By Assisting People Get Counseled Without the Use of a Phone or Computer

The internet is an enormously helpful resource for receiving mental health assistance. Today, many tools make use of speakers to help people tackle mental health difficulties. The applications make use of exercises by knowing the mental health of the patient. Alongside, speakers are becoming common in homes and across the globe, making them well-liked as IoT devices. The equipment additionally lets people seek out help by using their voices and eliminates the concerns of violating data privacy that is speakers do not collect data that can violate confidentiality.

Helps in Improving Telehealth Options

Most people with behavioral health issues also have other conditions at hand; telehealth platforms can offer the patient a single point of contact to address all the issues. The rise in specialized software preferences that couple with Electronic Health Records (HER) and telemedicine also bring to the table the advantages for patients and providers. For instance, a patient can see the treatment data securely by logging into a portal and on any other connected device a screen. 

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