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AI and RPA Together can Enhance the Business Growth

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Robotics process automation helps to cut off the operational errors and enhance productivity. The only drawback with RPA is that it does not have the ability to learn, think, and analyze. This situation necessitates the use of Artificial Intelligence into the process.

RPA and AI are two distinctive technologies, but often contributing towards the significant growth of a company by providing a competitive edge for the business in the market. RPA is an automated system which can reduce the human efforts by automating the data-entry operations without making any faults whereas AI works on speech and image recognition, decision making and prediction methods.

Contribution of RPA in AI app learning

AI apps can deal with more sophisticated software rules with ease and attain another level of intelligence going through the process. To execute several operations in any organization, there is a need to gather a large set of data which is always challenging in AI effective programs. Collection of more critical data on which AI apps run can be done with the help of RPA, and it also helps in speeding up the process with high performance.

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How AI assists RPA tools?

Contribution of both the technologies in a business can provide higher efficiency by performing incomparable tasks. Connecting with AI technology, RPA tools can focus more on collecting critical data, and that gathered information will help to make better decisions. RPA based programs can utilize AI-program details to determine the original proposal for a particular business.

The collaboration of AI technology with RPA made this automation process to advance by providing more efficiency and also propelling towards the best capabilities and success in the business of an organization with better customer services.

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