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AI and VR: Imperatives For Brands

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 16, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Today, the challenge is to use virtual reality (VR) in such a way that brand messaging and target audience overall makes sense. VR marketing continues to emerge, so it is a good time now for exploring and advancing options. Early adopters have already shown that AI is increasing engagement. The integration of AI with a chat box or Facebook Messenger requires a greater sense of creativeness and an understanding of the target market of the brand. AI still has the needs and the problems of customers as well as a human agent to deal with, and it allows with the fun and light hearted use of the AI experience.

The human memory is fictitious and untrustworthy. This is exacerbated by the jam-packed internet, where the signal from the noise is difficult to spot, and it is even more difficult to remember once it has been discerned. However, research has demonstrated that multi-sensory experiences are more memorable. They are both easier to comprehend and later recover in short and long-term storage.

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Digital brands can benefit from direct-to-consumer innovation in retail innovation, but their approaches tend to be online only, thereby restricting their vision and sometimes sound. And it's not always faithful to see. It remains valuable to consumers to touch or try a product before purchasing, and so brands like Allbirds, Away and Glossier enter the multi-sensory brick and mortar space. Brands are also improving their efforts to become involved in the homes of consumers. Of course, voice research is the edgy way to do this, but certain brands are revitalizing the apparently dead printed catalog without the ability to advertise on Google Home or Amazon Echo. Amazon releases a holiday toy guides on paper, innovative AI-driven digital behemoth—a centuries-old media enhanced with QR codes that drive the shopping experience on an all-round basis.

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As retailers revitalize proven marketing techniques, the next challenge is to learn how to infuse them into the digitally powerful personalization they anticipate online. The scenarios for commemoratively multiple-sensory customer experiences remain endless whether companies use catalogs that consumers can customize through VR technology, AI recommended foods in grocery stores or spokespersons that offer the same kind of advice that a personalized shopper would.