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AI Augments Sales and Marketing Strategies

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Fremont, CA: Although AI is seen as an exciting technology that is pushing the boundaries of technology to bring disruptive changes to how the industries operate, this technology is also conceived as a threat to employment opportunities. With the affirmation that AI is going to stay and make an impact, industry players aim to make AI, an enhancement instead of a replacement of the workforce.  

Over time, revenue creation has moved into a blend of data science and creativity, with marketing and sales racing against each other to create reach the targeted clients and also overtake the competitors through data collection, and optimization. In time, humans have progressed extensively at creating, while interpreting and understanding the data that comes from the marketing and sales lines is a weak spot, particularly when the data set gets larger. This is primarily due to the fact that, humans find it difficult to consume data, and also, depend deeply on the visualization of data. Besides, human computing is not free from prejudice and preexisting consumptions.

The use of AI helps the users to focus on the creation of data, while interpretation gets taken care of. While the presence of AI can help a manager to train his/her team better, it would not be efficient enough to replace the manager entirely. Data that is used to understand the performance of team members cannot be the deciding factor to implement behavior changes, owing to its inability to create accountability and habits.      

Additionally, it is a difficult task for humans to scale due to the limitation in working hours and number of tasks handles at a given point in time.  In contrast, AI does not have limitations linked to scalability, with the ability to perform innumerable tasks are a time and some of them in a fraction of the time. This scenario helps speed up the sales process, and increases the productivity of the team while meeting the challenging environment created by changing technology. 

One of the most profound advantages provided by AI is the ability to automate several tasks while drastically. The ability of AI will be used to automate tasks such as creating marketing campaigns to produce optimal leads. With constant experimenting, it can be understood how well AI can optimize performance and not act as a replacement or threat to human employment.