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AI for Automation of University Processes

By CIOReview | Monday, April 22, 2019

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has increased lately in university campuses. It helps students to understand the difficult concepts of learning. AI systems allow instructors more time to interact with students individually and provide them with more information about their performance individually and as a group. Increasingly, AI is used in all parts of the campus to automate routine systems and is likely to be used in the admission process, retention of students, and also increasing academic activities.

CampusNexus is a solution developed by the educational technology company Campus Management that offers built-in workflows, reporting, and more integrated modules. They can also manage the higher education administrative side by sorting thousands of applications and managing human resources and financing tasks.

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CampusNexus Student helps to engage prospects and current students with a success-oriented system. The solution allows flexible term structures that are supported by automated financial assistance and billing adjustments to improve the administrators and staff focus on their students. CampusNexus Student is a solution that grows and changes with the institution and allows to create new strategies and models as the needs of students evolve.

With Customer Relationship Management (CRM) included in the system, it enables the users to gain a 360-degree view of the interactions between each department and each student. This helps to boost the results of registration, retention, and placement.

With CampusNexus Student, it is possible to identify students who are the best fit for the institution, track documents for all types of enrolment processes, and automatically identify eligible financial aid. It helps to monitor student advisement against persistence milestones, offers convenient tuition payment plans, match students to internships, and place them in jobs.

Whether an institution serves 100 students or more than 100,000 students, CampusNexus Student offers the advanced features they need to reach each student in a meaningful and personalized way. This allows them to make a positive impression throughout the recruitment and registration process and to exceed the expectations of the student service.

CampusNexus Student can be utilized to transform the planning and programming of the curriculum and meet the needs of students on campus, online, or through mixed programs. This open solution provides a powerful tool for the dean, registrar, and faculty to address the evolving demands of students for more program options and flexibility.

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