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AI for Smarter Sales

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 10, 2018

Today, AI is reforming various business practices, and transforming the way processes occur through a combination of machine learning and deep learning techniques. With its potential, Artificial Intelligence in B2B sales and marketing is here to revolutionize the way people interact with brands, information, and services through enhanced predictive and statistical analytics, personalization as well as lead generation. In recent years, the fundamental shift in sales-from being instinct-driven to insights and data-driven has let AI guide the sales journey from identification to customer retention efficiently.

From prospecting a lead to positioning, and execution to the closing of the lead, AI makes sales smarter. An AI-enabled CRM platform analyses all the historical sales data to discover the top factors that convert a prospect, from identifying customer sentiment and competitor involvement to deciding the difference between interest and intent. Lead prioritization involves separating quality leads from the poor ones, allowing a business to contact only the likely prospects. AI helps to expedite this process by exploring through the data to count prospects based on how likely they are to convert. AI can generate accurate revenue forecast predictions at a macro-level by providing insights into sales trends segmented by sales organizations and sales representatives. It helps in optimization of the resource allocation for building a cost-effective pipeline, and for analyzing team performance. With prescriptive insights, it’s possible to gain perspective into the underlying reasons for sales trends, as well as actions needed to improve sales.

AI also improves the productivity in sales by automating the administrative tasks like social media responses, sending personalized messages, and CRM profile updates. AI makes overall interactions smarter and more productive through guided selling and automating the operational job, making it a necessity for any business today.

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