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AI Helps Discern the Secrets of the Human Body

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The human body has various colonies of bacteria and microbes present in different locations, each colony performing a specific set of functions.  These colonies are referred to as microbiota and are present in almost every part of the human body, such as on the skin (skin microbiota), mouth (oral microbiota) and intestines (gut microbiota). Gut microbiota is very important to the functioning of our digestive system and also keeps our immune system healthy. Many cancer treatments cause a significant change in the gut microbiota of patients which leads to severe consequences during the course of treatment and in the future.

An article in the Journal of Internal Medicine studies the applications of technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop predictive models that can be used for the diagnoses and treatment of diseases caused by imbalances of gut microbiota in patients. This particular article only studied cancer patients, but this can be extended to all patients suffering from this problem.

However, the study of the human microbiome is still a developing area of research and the applications of artificial intelligence in medical research is still at a nascent stage. It is necessary for organizations to consider the ethical, legal and social issues before implementing such trials. Nevertheless, AI has the potential to revolutionize everyday medical practices. It may help researchers find associations that were hidden from humans till now and give us a better understanding of human biology.