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AI in Fitness for Smart Wearables and Virtual Trainers

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The dawn of technology in the field of fitness and wellness occurred with the popular demand of electronic workout equipment such as heart rate monitors and later expanded to include wearables like GPS watches. The equipment with installed applications to track every movement and fluctuations is enhanced with the usage of AI technology. The integration has renewed applications for safe health:

• AI-powered coaching:

AI-powered fitness coaching apps are available for the users anytime, as and when necessary, with affordable training, monitoring, and customization of workouts accordingly to achieve fitness goals. There are apps connected to fitness equipment in personal gyms to report a detailed guide to personal fitness. Services like a guide to using the equipment, the formation of daily routines, measuring activity levels and nutrition are offered. 

• Wearables by AI Technology:

AI wearables like watches have been booming in the market as it gives real-time metrics of the user health, which allows early diagnosis and prevention of health issues in some cases. The smart wearables can avoid injuries by giving suggestions while activities are taking place. Personal trainers can monitor the progress of the user and can report insights from the workout sessions without being present during sessions. 

• Virtual assistants:

Virtual assistants, including chatbots, are programmed to answer and help users with a variety of questions to substitute manpower in carrying out repetitive tasks. They can operate round the clock with a positively encouraging tone for users starting their fitness routine. People with health conditions can contact these chatbots for support, therapy, and any wellness-related issues. 

The fitness industry at a global scale is a huge market full of health clubs, fitness centers, and a plethora of wellness apps and smart devices that are regularly utilized. Given the global rise in weight issues and increasing obesity rates, alarmed people start weight loss programs and use smart solutions to work out. 

The AI-powered tools have continuously reinforced users in times of emergency. Its utilization has been increasing with more people counting on it proving to be positively impactful.