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AI in Healthcare: A Boon or a Bane?

By CIOReview | Friday, May 3, 2019

AI has created a lot of buzz in the field of healthcare, but the question whether Artificial Intelligence should be utilized or not in the same has been discussed more than a few times recently. The question can only be answered when the scope of AI in medical aid is understood.  

As the goal of healthcare providers is to balance services among sustainable finances and speedy effectiveness, AI can be utilized in making these services accessible and efficient in delivering the results. For sustainable finances, AI is light on the budget but heavy on health and wellness. Some cases are:

Robotic surgery: A surgical tool built with AI has the power to extract the pre-op patient records, understand the prescriptions to plan and conduct surgery in the most minimally invasive method possible. These AI-powered robotic arms can guide surgeons during the procedure and help decrease recovery time.

Virtual nursing assistants:  Virtual nursing assistants can offer timely tests, remind patients to take medicines, and monitor patient vitals. They can also be programmed to ask personalized questions to gauge the rate of improvement or notify the doctors in case of any emergency.  

Administrative automation: AI-powered administrative assistants reduce the burden on the health care workers by carrying out back-office tasks like writing, transcribing charts, notes, and patient health records; ordering tests; checking for errors; and maintaining updated records of each patient.

Although AI-driven tools have more uses than anybody could comprehend, they also have certain concerns when it comes to data security. As only 22 percent of healthcare professionals follow extensive cybersecurity practices, it is easy to misuse the data. The dark web has more value for medical data than raw credit card numbers; data thieves can steal information and forge fake prescriptions. While cybercriminals can be monitored by intelligence agencies, but data security becomes critical to ensure the safety of personally identifiable information.

Ultimatums have been issued to selectively use AI until a foolproof, scientifically accurate and that which has impenetrable algorithms are yet to be developed in AI. The development of the ideal AI for the healthcare providers is still under progress and the medical management system needs, an improved integrated healthcare system that cares.

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