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AI Integration to Make Businesses Smarter

By CIOReview | Monday, July 1, 2019

Many businesses are reluctant to implement AI due to various reasons unknown. But, when compared advantages from the integration of AI are massive and bring about positive feedback and increased productivity.

FREMONT, CA: Innovative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the face of businesses by reducing mundane and repetitive tasks for the executives. Even with its capabilities being presented in detail, there exists a disparity between companies who have adopted it, and those who have been resistant to the same.

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The strategically planning of operations is affected by the lack of time available among managers. It results in stunted thought, limited creativity, and causes hindrance in performance and problem-solving capacities. It is where AI can be adopted; to sift through iterative tasks, handle mundane tasks that free up the managers, and effectively oversee the delivery of various tasks. It also reduces human errors in administrative work.

AI solutions utilize intelligence and independent reasoning to finish tasks with increased accuracy successfully. AI in chatbots have also been advantageous as they answer to all the customers' queries without hiccups, almost instantly and only stop in case the solutions needs human intervention. Some chatbots equipped with both Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) can even assist in recruitment processes.

The AI-driven recruitment process is optimized with the provision of the most plausible explanation and the best experiences for the candidates. It makes sure that the candidates are well-supported in all stages of their application.  It is necessary to note that the best results are obtained by the combination of human and technology working together. Although humans are the ultimate decision-makers, AI solutions conduct the same analysis quicker and more simply. The benefits of AI in the workplace include assisting in setting goals and attaining them. The goals setting software is making its mark among the business leaders and project managers as it helps to achieve targets and milestones. The goal-setting process is decided with insights from the previous terms and inputs so that it offers doable, valuable, data-driven goals.

All that is necessary for the successful integration of AI to the businesses is to maintain an open-minded attitude and the willingness to consider the new opportunities whenever possible. In addition to AI, companies, both large and small, are encouraged to explore the plethora of tools available for simplifying the processes. 

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