AI is the New Choice to Safeguard Data, Network, and Business
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AI is the New Choice to Safeguard Data, Network, and Business

By CIOReview | Monday, April 22, 2019

In most of the organizations, security is one of the most primary concerns that puzzle every department and data security takes center stage. Therefore, many companies are looking forward to implementing advanced security mechanisms to protect data.


Biometrics is the traditional security model which is being used for authenticating employees using fingerprint and iris scans. Biometric systems utilize sensors which can identify and authenticate individuals based on their physical traits such as fingerprints, face, iris, and voice. Based on the application of biometric sensors, these are classified into various types such as fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, DNA matching, and Ear acoustic authentication.

How is AI smarter enough than Biometrics?

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) can boost trust in biometrics. At some instances, biometric systems analyze partial fingerprints which can generate incorrect results. To make them more accurate, researchers have developed AI and machine learning algorithms which can create synthetic fingerprints. Such fingerprints can be used to surpass the force attacks by testing every generated fingerprint until the target device is unlocked.

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AI-powered Biometrics

The combination of AI and Biometrics can develop more accurate systems that can protect devices against cyber attacks and also used to abolish the fraudulent activities. These can work together in the following manner.

Keystroke Dynamics

Keystroke dynamics is the method of identifying and authenticating people based on their typing patterns. With the help of AI-powered biometrics, systems can track the information of individuals through the time interval between two most frequently used keys.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is a popular feature which is incorporated in various smartphones. With the help of large volumes of available data, AI can successfully authenticate an individual's face by utilizing 3D biometrics.

Voice Recognition

AI can enable biometric systems using millions of voice samples of different users. AI-based voice recognition can process a voice signature of an individual by analyzing their voice patterns such as speed, accent, tone, and pitch.

Gait detection

It is the method, in which individuals can be identified based on the way they walk. Combination of AI and biometrics can precisely identify the individuals with the help of floor sensors.

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