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AI Lends an Edge to Hiring Processes

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The notion of artificial intelligence (AI) has a deep human fascination. AI has huge potential in recruiting, not cutting jobs, but accelerating hiring, eliminating manual tasks, and making recruiters far more productive. To combat the biases and limitations inherently connected with traditional and manual recruitment processes, the use of AI in recruitment will profit not only employers but also employees and ultimately whole economies.

AI technologies were always good at evaluating massive data volumes that can provide ideas that can not be gained by manual analysis alone. Advanced AI is also ever more capable of deciphering non-quantitative data. This allows her to grasp natural language and to act in a more context-sensitive way. These systems can therefore not only be used to process data at the back-end but also in areas containing direct interaction with applicants and candidates.

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AI's rapidly increasing computational capabilities allow the technology to be used in areas where multiple variables need to be analyzed. And being as complex as it is, assessing human behavior involves evaluating numerous variables. Recruiters can thus use AI's massive computational capabilities to process large volumes of applicant data from various sources to obtain a clear assessment of candidates ' ability to perform on the job. Through piles of candidate data manually, it can be mentally challenging and often lead to errors being committed by the people doing the analysis. Errors at this stage may result in employers losing vital candidates information which may qualify or disqualify them. Using AI-enabled systems to pass through candidate profiles and evaluate their fitness for different roles not only saves a great deal of effort and time in the recruitment process but also makes the process fairer and less prone to errors and bad decisions.

For the overall hiring processes, AI-based testing tools can be used to eradicate biases and permit candidates to demonstrate clearly their job ability. Providers such as Vervoe based on AI skill testing can contribute more firepower to hiring processes. These technologies not only increase the productivity of HR operations but also transform the process to make hiring more about merit and less about the background.

As AI becomes able to handle extremely complex tasks, human need for physical and mental exertion will continue to decline. It's not to say, moreover, that AI in the workforce will overrun people and make us obsolete. In fact, as the use of AI for recruitment shows, it can be inferred that AI development will intend to help us and not to substitute. So every bit of assistance matters, as valuable as human resources and their time are.

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