AI making a difference in Medical Field
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AI making a difference in Medical Field

By CIOReview | Friday, April 13, 2018

The recent past has seen the entry of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine after creating breakthrough in fields of transportation, logistics, finance et al. AI presents the ability to detect diseases and genetic anomalies in advance that can help doctors and patients.

One of the primary advantage of AI is the ability to process humongous data sets and decipher hidden codes which may not be obviously or recognizable for humans. These hidden codes have the potential to warn medical teams about any significant changes in the physiology of the patient. AI can also help in detecting the potassium levels in the blood that can be performed by a patient from his /her residence without the need to draw blood. Potassium is important for the cellular electrical homeostasis and fluctuations of which can lead to life-threatening situations.

This unique technology approach has been sent to U.S. Food and Drug Administration for approval with the aim to attain insights that will help find the subtle code of human well-being. This technology enables the user to monitor even subtle changes in the potassium levels. The use of machine learning and AI offers the ability to collate data from clinical testing, which can be used to create a computer algorithm for automated testing.

The technology leverages smartphone and algorithm to generate the results. The system is usable with a set of electrodes that can be connected to a smartphone and get the reading, similar to ECG tests. The algorithm played a key role in finding sudden surge or drops in potassium levels which produced results, marginally different from real time results. After several experiments to cross check blood sample results and the automated testing technology, the results proved its reliability.

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